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PREF Class 11 Scholarship . Examination Date and Time for selection of new batch :: Allahabad: 12 pm to 5 pm On 25.07.2015 & 26.07.2015    Pratapgarh: 11 am to 4 pm. On 23.07.2015    Kaushambi: 11 am to 4 pm. On 21.07.2015    Mirzapur: 11 am to 4 pm. On 19.07.2015
Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation

Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation (PREF), a social non-profit organization, based in Delhi and a CSR initiative of REPL, is a well-known consultancy company in the real estate sector. PREF was founded on November 30, 2010 with the motive of making contribution to the development of human resource in our country. The aim of the organisation is to act as guide to students and develop them as an important asset to the nation in future.

Mr Nelson Mandela former President of South Africa once said “No country can really develop unless their citizens are educated. Only the educated are free”. We at Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation believe that education is the key to unlock a country’s potential for growth; it is an investment in our future. The impact of investment in education is profound as education results in raising income, improving health, promoting gender equality, and reducing poverty and thus leads to overall development of the society and country. Education also helps in skill development of job seekers which in turn aides in making them employable .

The founder directors of the organisation are motivated by their desire to contribute to the community.
It is their belief that knowledge which comes through good education empowers and is a source of positive change having lasting effect Pradeep Richa Educare Foundation is registered under Section 25 of the Companies act, 1956. The registered office of the foundation is situated in the National Capital territory of Delhi. Presently the programmes carried out by the organisation are catering to the beneficiaries from the city and district of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh.

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News & Events
  • June 2015

    Process for selection of new batch of PREF scholars of class 11 begins
  • May 2015

    PREF organized Scholarship Coaching Classes for a week from 25th’May– 1st June’15 for scholars of Std 12th for preparation of Board Exam.
  • May 2015

    PREF organized TOT sessions on ‘Mobilization & Communication ‘with AROH Foundation, Noida for employees dated on 14th May & 15th may, 2015.
  • April 2015

    Launch of Swavlamban Training centre in village Karchchana. Skill Development and Employability training of local youth begins
  • March 2015

    Assessment of PREF scholars held successfully
    Setting up of Swavlamban Training centre at Village Karchhana in Allahabad District. Process for selection of students for skill development training and employability programme under the Swavlamban Scheme begins.
  • December 2014

    Training of PREF staff held in Delhi office
    Get together of all PREF scholars of all batches held. Function was held in Allahabad on 19th Dec with the purpose of connecting students with each other. A delightful and successful event conducted by our scholars where the students showcased their creativity, shared experiences and ideas and made important suggestions for junior scholars for achieving goals. The event closed on a positive beginning of relationship among all PREF scholars.
  • November 2014

    Assessment of new batch of scholars held
  • September 2014

    Launch of New Programme SWAVLAMBAN in Karchana block in Allahabad District
  • August 2014

    12 students of class 11th for academic year 2014-15 selected for scholarship from Kaushambi, Allahabad, Pratapgarh and Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh.
    2 students each of classes 9th to 12th for PN Misra Merit scholarship and Gyanwati Misra Merit Scholarship selected from M P Inter College in Bampur in Allahabad District in Uttar Pradesh for academic year 2014-15.
    Career counselling session for selected scholars of the new batch held. Scholars were provided information and guidance on various options in careers in various fields .
  • July 2014

    Selection process for new batch of scholars of class 11 th begins.
  • June 2014

    U.P. Board results declared. PREF Scholars come out with excellent results. Congratulations!
  • July 2014

    Selection process for new batch of scholars of class 11 th begins.
  • May 2014

    Courses and Workshop session held for PREF Scholars which included -
    Career counselling workshop with renowned counsellor from Delhi Mr Jitin Chawla.
    Computer course.
    Communication skill and Personality Development workshop
    Contact classes in Mathematics, English and Hindi.
    Students were provided with certificates for computer course, communication skill and Personality development workshop. Students enjoyed these learning sessions aimed at skills development.
  • October 2013

    Two students each from classes 9th and 11th selected and awarded P.N. Misra Merit Scholarship and Gyanwati Misra Scholarship in M.P. Inter College at the function held at in the school on 7th of the month.
    Career counselling workshop also organised for students of classes 11th and 12th in M.P. Inter College in Bampur.
    Books donated for Library of M.P. Inter College, Bampur during the function.
    Two students of M.A (Mathematics) and M.Sc (Mathematics) of the University of Allahabad awarded P.N. Misra Post Graduate Merit scholarship at a function held on 22 October in Allahabad city.
  • September 2013

    Prabhunath Misra Merit Scholarship for boys and Gyanwati Misra Merit Scholarship for girls instituted in M.P. Inter College in Bampur Village near Allahabad city in U.P.
  • September 2013

    12 students of class 11th for academic year 2013-14 selected for scholarship from Kaushambi, Allahabad, Pratapgarh and Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh.

    2 students for PN Misra Merit scholarship and 2 students for Gyanwati Misra Merit Scholarship selected from M P Inter College in Bampur in District in Uttar Pradesh for academic year 2013-14

    1 student from MSc (mathematics) and 1 student from MA(Mathematics) selected for PN Misra Post Graduation Merit Scholarship in the University of Allahabad.
  • July 2013

    Tests conducted for selection of new batch of students from Kaushambi, Allahabad, Pratapgarh, and Mirzapur in U.P.
  • June 2013

    Process for selecting new batch students for PREF scholarship started
  • May 2013

    Workshop for personality development, communication skills and career counseling held in Allahabad for PREF scholars with eminent counselor from Delhi Mr. Jitin Chawla and Theatre artist Mr. Jivan.
  • April 2013

    Last progress assessment of selected students held successfully
    Selection process for new batch of class 11 students from Allahabad and adjoining districts begins
  • November 2012

    Progress assessment of students completed
  • October, 2012

    Process for a new Scholarship by the name of -Prabhu Nath Misra Merit Scholarship for post graduation students of the University of Allahabad begins
  • August 2012

    Selection of twelve PREF scholars from rural areas of Allahabad, Kaushambhi, Mirzapur and Pratapgarh districts.
  • July 2012

    Selection of students from rural areas of Allahabad, Kaushambhi, Mirzapur and Pratapgarh districts

    Mock Interview and Group Discussion sessions organised for the PREF Scholars

    Screening of documentary movie on Motivation, followed by discussion
  • June 2012

    Group and Individual Career Counselling organised for PREF Scholars
  • May 2012

    Coaching for Competetive exams and U.P. Board commences
  • Feb to April 2012

    Selection of teachers for various competetive exams and U.P. board coaching in science stream for PREF Scholars
  • January, 2012

    We have made our website live
  • January, 2012

    Ten Students Selected for PREF Scholarship